We cover the South area of the UK for face to face services and provide webcam services throughout the UK

What do we do?

MPR Health Architect support insurers, solicitors and case manager to help their clients recover after accident injury.

We specialise persisting pain, hyperesthesia, complex polytrauma (fractures & amputations) & long term conditions

We provide two services:

1. Classic rehabilitation case management after accident injury.

2. Tailored, whole person, recovery & rehabilitation programmes.


We support case managers and solicitors through providing their clients with:         

  • Specialist multi-factoral assessments including comprehensive reports with rehabilitation & recovery recommendations

  • Bespoke individual functional-focus rehabilitation programmes.

  • Pain education, evidence supported pain recovery treatment (physiotherapy & psychotherapy), whole-wellness coaching.

  • All programmes are tailored to the individual’s short and long term vocational and occupational needs. 


Individuals who complete a programme have significant improvement on measures of low mood and confidence to complete every day activities.

When we work with you we pledge to ensure:

  • You're kept fully informed – and get regular reports

  • We provide a reasoned opinion – always supported by evidence and patient measures.

  • We'll create creative, flexible rehabilitation plans – individualised to the case needs

  • All treatment is evidence supported and aligns to NICE guidelines and best practice

  • We use only the very best clinicians  sourced through a vigorous recruitment process

  • Tailored care options -– Including education, treatment, low, medium and high intensity, return to work or exercise plans available