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Providing bespoke one to one programmes of treatment, training and coaching.

Guided Thrive 

Moving Better, Feeling Better and Creating a Happier Healthier Life

Your Wellbeing in 180 days

90 days psychotherapy and/or physiotherapy therapy


90 days Well Ninja (see below)

​After an initial call to assess if we are a good fit, we plan 90 days solution focused one to one treatment and 90 days lifestyle transformation.

We'll co-create strategies, so you feel great, age better & future proof your health.


Full programme fees available on request

Well Ninja
Creating a Happier Healthier Life:
Future proof your health in 90 days

This tailor made program, will completely makeover your whole life wellness, body and mindset with consistent guidance and accountability to break free from your unhealthy habits and patterns.

​3 months is the optimal amount of time to see, feel, and experience incredible results.

​Do you want manage your energy and give yourself the best chance of creating a happier healthier life?

​Do you want to reduce your risk of flares and relapses, maintain an upward wellbeing spiral ?

​Would you like more joy, better finances and relationships, a healthy bodymind, better mobility, restful sleep, improved immunity, and mental clarity?

​In this one to one, thirteen-session coaching course we will co-create simple strategies to empower you to take control of your own behaviour health, and lifestyle. We'll work together, with me as your coach, so you feel happier, live healthier, and age well. You will be supported, every step of the way,  with consistent guidance and accountability, so you maintain positive change

​It is a collaborative process across 12 weeks with you in the driving seat.

​After an initial call to assess if we are a good fit, we will have thirteen one-to-one coaching sessions together.

​Each call is 60 minutes long, the first is a deep review of your connection to yourself, time, the world around you, your behaviour, lifestyle, and habits in all 12 dimensions of your high level wellness energy system.

During the remaining sessions we focus on your personal wellness goals and the steps you need to take to achieve balance in all 12 elements of your life to be well, happy, and healthy.

We will look at:

  • ​Self-Responsibility: Connection and Sleep: optimising self-care.

  • Breathing Practice: improving your ability to oxygenate your system

  • Sensing: managing your input, output, self-preservation, survival, and communication.

  • Eating and Drinking: their role in your life.

  • Moving: increasing flow and an effortless ease in your body

  • Feeling: the emotional component of your wellness

  • Thinking: how your thoughts are intertwined with feelings and health output

  • Play and Working: increasing your fun, value, joy, and creativity

  • Communication: your connection with others, and integrity of relationship with yourself

  • Intimacy: emotional closeness, flows and blockages.

  • Finding Meaning: your purpose vision and legacy

  • Transcending: peak experience and beyond normal limits

The coaching process is driven by, and is all about, YOU

FEE a single payment of £2400 

payment plans also available

Launchpad - Face to Face via webcam
90 minutes to a healthy longevity.
Let’s get your longer, happier, healthier life happening right now!

This is a competitively priced starting point for living well.

​After an initial 20 minute conversation call to assess if we are a good fit, we spend a detailed, quality ninety minutes together.

You'll learn a powerful process to pinpoint the priority changes needed which will help you elevate your well-being and radically reclaim your health.

You will discover the power of a pause and how to use a journal to make notes on what you learn through self-observation 

You really can make dramatic changes to how you live well in a short time.


Fee £220


Activate Recovery
Learn the modern way to manage chronic health conditions and give yourself the best chance of living well, healthier, happier and facing the future with optimism.

This program gives you exactly the right information and resources you need at your fingertips, for you to activate your healing and recovery.

That way, you're ensured to only spend time doing what you need to get well and give yourself the best chance to recover and live with well managed health.

The course is created by a registered health professional, expert in chronic pain management, whole-wellness and chronic health condition recovery.

The programme is delivered though:

4 sixty minute webinar taught sessions and a workbook. 

By the end of the course you'll understand why:

  • Modern neuroscience provides the answer to improving your health

  • Managing stress reduces risk of chronic health flares

  • Changing your habits is key to managing long-term health conditions.

  • Your recovery requires a personalized toolkit and a clear management plan


Fee £750

we offer 4 bespoke programmes

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