Want a happier active fulfilled lifestyle, less pain & no insomnia?

Our holistic management approach helps, even when other treatments have not.

Living with pain doesn't mean living without dreams

We can help you live well, have adventures, and create happy memories

Do you want?

  • To have well managed pain, less dependence on medication you suffer without, but also suffer with.


  • To enjoy sound sleep and feel confident knowing the long term solution to your insomnia 

  • For your health to improve, to feel whole and well, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

  • To feel more confidence, and stronger (in mind and body) so you enjoy your whole life again.


  • More time to do what you want to, because you're not sacrificing time on activities that don't work.

  • To have the right information available, exactly when you want it, and at your fingertips.

  • To have direct support from experts who really care about you and want you to succeed.

  • To get a clear focus on what's most important for you, and feel fulfilled 


  • To stop worrying about your future and being a burden on those closest to you and start living.



About You


About Us

45 years of

Pain care clinician & coaching experience

We have the know-how you need.

Helping people with pain and long term conditions who want to live a good life.


People with:

  • Pain that's been present for more than 12 weeks

  • Insomnia & sleep problems that are not resolving

  • Lingering fatigue, breathless, low mood or mobility

  • Health conditions that limit independence or self care

  • Failure to respond to standard medical treatment

  • A history of physical and emotional trauma and injury. 

  • A preference for a drug free, non-surgical holistic approach 

We specialize in helping people, with chronic health conditions (CHC's).

CHC's include any physical or mental health condition that is persistent and lasts more than three months, most people who seek help from us want to live a better life with more vitality, enjoyment and fun.

We understand that when you have multiple CHC's you have a lot to fit into a day. To stay well, you may need to take a variety of different medications, eat a special diet, and complete holistic practices.

We'll help you to understand specifically what you can do, train you easy to practice skills so you are more resourceful and support you to keep on track so you achieve your goal.

We want to help you live happier and healthier for longer.
We can help you in so many ways.

activate recovery

A four hour course. Learn the modern way to manage chronic health conditions.Give yourself the best chance of facing the future with optimism & good health


A competitively priced 90 minute one to one start point for reclaiming your health and living well. Develop your own plan to start living a longer, happier, healthier life happening right now!

Well ninja

A twelve week one to one programme: Take control of your health, identify your top problems and goals and discover the lifestyle which will allow you to live well and stay well 

guided Thrive

Six months one to one support. Solution focused support and lifestyle transformation. We'll co-create strategies, so you feel great, age better & future proof your health.   

What makes us different?
  • A Modern Pain Resolution (MPR) Health Architect is a highly skilled expert clinician, educator, coach and case manager.
  • MPR will support you to achieve a purpose driven, high quality, happier, healthier, better, longer whole-well life.
  • Your MPR programme is centered around you, uses positive psychology,  a strengths based focus, working towards your goal.  
  • Every MPR programme includes "Break the Cycle", a modern approach mix of education and motivation.
  • You're unique and so is your programme to better manage your pain and lingering problem symptoms  .
  • Our mission is to help you live a higher quality more joyful thriving life.
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Services for insurers, case managers, solicitors

MPR Health Architect provide online:         

  • Specialist, holistic multidisciplinary assessments for people with pain, and long term conditions. Comprehensive reports with rehabilitation & recovery recommendations.

  • Bespoke individual functional rehabilitation with pain and long term conditions. Programmes are tailored to an individual’s vocational and occupational needs. 


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